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Press release

Image Consulting Business institute is in the business of building successful careers in image consulting in India. It provides complete educational−training to potential image consultants and also helps them set up and run their practice. It offers a complete business incubation program to these consultants. Image consulting is the business of helping people project an authentic, appropriate, attractive and affordable image in order to have a happier and more rewarding personal, professional, and social life.

Benefits: One of the most sought after careers of the decade, image consulting offers several benefits. Along with being financially rewarding, some of the major benefits include:

  1. Work from home- Does not necessarily require formal office set up
  2. Opportunity- Opportunity to meet a wide variety of fascinating people
  3. Respectability- There is no other profession bringing more respectability and popularity than that of a trainer, a coach, a guide and mentor
  4. Sense of achievement- Seeing clients achieving greater milestones in life as a result of being able to project a positive image brings a huge sense of achievement

Need for image consulting:

Image is all about creating a positive first impression and leaving a powerful lasting impression. Research has shown that it takes just a few seconds to create a first impression. People judge a person on the basis of the first impression created. They assume various positive as well as negative traits about a person on the basis of the first impression. The First impression plays an important role in getting the right job, a promotion, a suitable life partner, making a sale, concluding a business deal and in social acceptability in general. In life one never gets a second chance to create a first impression and thus it becomes critical to do it right the first time around. Many capable men and women are disqualified from various opportunities just because they do not look the part.

India is the youngest country in the world today and with statistics showing the age of an average Indian to be 29 by 2020. The competition in every sphere of life is going to be tremendous and it will be essential to be able to project a positive image in order to move ahead in life. The demand for image consultants is going to grow exponentially over a period of the next few years and people who get into this profession now will reap the maximum benefit in the coming years by being one of the most senior consultants available when the market really opens up.

Company and people behind it:

Image Consulting Business Institute is a division of First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a pioneer in the image consulting business in India. Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Chief Consultant of the company, is a strong visionary and creator of various “first times” in the country with a proven execution track record. Ms. Suman Agarwal, Director, is a service industry professional for the last 12 years. The company is supported by experts in computer and web technology to help provide a solid business back bone to image consultants.

Curriculum partner:

Judith Rasband, one of the most senior image consultants in the world and founder of Conselle Institute of Image Management, from United States of America, is the curriculum partner of the company. A veteran of the industry for the past 40 years, she has the most comprehensive and effective curriculum for image consultant training. The educational−training provided by the image consulting business institute is based on her curriculum with she being the official curriculum partner.

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