Learn the science. Master the Art of Image Management


Image management is one of the hottest topics around the world. With growing competition in all walks of life, it is imperative for individuals as well as companies to project a positive, authentic and appropriate image. Such an image is essential for individuals to have a more rewarding personal, professional, and social life and for companies it is essential in order to retain employees and increase profitability. Image management is all about being able to create a positive first impression and leave a powerful lasting impression.

While many countries in the world are struggling with the problem of Baby Boomers, India is the youngest country in the world today. Statistics show that the average age of an Indian will be 29 by 2020; it is going to be one of the most powerful nations in the world. But at the same time it will give rise to tremendous competition and to manage this huge population of youth is going to be a massive task. Even the government has initiated various projects to help the youth, especially the school drop outs and rural mass, to learn the soft skills necessary to have a better life.

Image consulting is the profession of helping individuals and companies to project a positive image. Image Consulting Business Career Institute, a division of First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is the pioneer in creating this as the career of the decade in India. It provides a complete business incubation program to potential image consultants who will then spearhead this industry in the country.

Realizing the need for media support in this exercise, First Impression Consulting has created resources for media persons in order for them to develop a better understanding of the subject. There are various articles on the subject which can be downloaded along with a press release and profile of people involved.