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Image Consulting in India – a growing opportunity

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The time to become an Image Consultant is Now.

Image consulting is reported to be one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s service economy as per consumer trend lists and business books. On a fast growth curve in India, it is attracting a large number of potential consultants.

ICBI-trained Image Consultants vouch for the strong financial gain and the tremendous sense of achievement it offers. Early entrants are making high gains while establishing themselves within the industry. Reasons for the rapid growth are many.


Globalization is exposing individuals, corporations and industries to the international sphere, requiring a different set of dress, grooming, etiquette, body language and vocal communication codes. Although India has some of the world’s best talent in technology and business, lack of attention to projecting the right image leaves them behind competitors from other emerging countries. Recognizing this fact, individuals and companies are turning to image consultants to help them project the right image.


India is the youngest country in the world today. Statistics indicate that the average age of an Indian will be 29 by 2020. The result is that competition stiffens, forcing candidates who face campus placements, job interviews or promotions to project an image that exudes competence, capability and confidence. The stiff competition is leading more and more people to image consultants to help enhance their image and meet the requirements of the new role and level of hierarchy.

Changing Social and Personal Lives

First Impressions create a lasting impression. Today, first impressions that impact people’s lives are made in their personal, social and professional spheres. With increased networking, social lives have become entwined with professional lives. At the same time, people realize that they cannot take their personal lives for granted anymore. So, they are looking for image consultants who can give them advice in all the spheres, helping them project the desired image to create the right perception in others.

It is a certified hot topic all over the world − people from all walks of life are trying to get the nearest image consultant to change the way they look and feel.

– Emmanuel Anbuforo in Choosing Your Image Consulting Training

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