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Benefits of Image Consulting

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The Image Management Consulting industry is at an exciting growth phase today, particularly in India. The time is right for image consultants to establish themselves and gain great professional and financial success.

Key reasons why people are choosing to become Image Consultants are:

  • To be part of a fast growth industry
  • Be in an interesting business that gives personal fulfillment
  • Meet interesting people, know more about them and work with them
  • Have the freedom to choose their own times and projects, yet retain the potential to expand
  • Gain respectability as a teacher, coach, guide and trainer

Benefits of Image Consulting

Image Consulting meets all these reasons and more, allowing consultants to take control of their professional, personal and social lives.

Growth Industry – Image consulting is reported in consumer trend lists and business books as one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s service economy. Rapid globalization, tremendous growth in the Indian economy and increasing competition are making Image Management a key factor in individual and corporate success, making people increasingly conscious of the image they project.

Financial Gain – Earnings from image consulting range from $15,000 to $60,000 within the first three to five years of setting up business, as per industry surveys. India, with its huge population and the resultant demand, has a much higher earning potential. If you are an early entrant, you stand to earn many times over that of later entrants with some of the established image consultants abroad making over $100,000 a year.

Interesting Work with Great People – Being an image consultant is fascinating work, offering incredible variety. Each client is unique, providing new challenges that allow you to learn and grow. You work with some of the most interesting people at a very personal level, becoming instrumental to their success and making friends for life.

Personal Fulfillment – As an image consultant, you will use your knowledge, skills and creativity, turning your vision into reality to enhance people’s lives significantly. The ability to see immediate results makes it a personally fulfilling sphere to work in.

Independence and Flexibility – If you start your own image consulting business, you will enjoy the independence and flexibility of making your own choices:

  • Set your own goals. Work full-time or part-time. Work only on projects and people you want to work with.
  • Work from home if you choose to. If you have children, they learn the business and a positive work ethic from your hard work. They can assist you in areas like copy work, sorting, mailing and more.
  • Expand as much or as little. Expand your field or the target market based on your interest.

Respectability – As an image consultant, you would be teaching, coaching and mentoring, functions that carry high social respect. You would be a sought after advisor and gain people’s respect for changing their lives for the better.
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