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What is Image Management

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People form their opinion of a stranger within 3 seconds of setting their eyes on the person. Further, research has proven that a major part of the message that you communicate is visual. Given these facts, the image you project is the strong force that influences people’s perception.

Although people take care of their appearance, some of the key questions they remain unaware of are:

  • What constitutes image?
  • Are you projecting the right image for the occasion?
  • Do you know the why behind the image you project?
  • Does your image have the desired influence on people?

What is Image Management?

Image Management is the ongoing, pro-active process of evaluating and controlling the impact of your appearance on you, on others, and the achievement of your goals. It is a science and an art that provides a framework, addressing all the elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication – that help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions.
Given that each person is unique, image management takes into account the person’s personal style, enhances strengths and downplays weaknesses while making optimal use of resources.

What Image Management is Not

Image Management is not personality development, which focuses only on the self, nor is it image makeover or grooming which focus on the outside. It is about managing the “image from the inside out”, creating the right image based on the real self (Inside) and projecting it based on the occasion (Outside). As such, it is comprehensive as opposed to personality development which focuses only on the inside, and makeover and grooming which focus solely on the outside. It combines all the different aspects of the person, including the inner self, characteristics, goals, as well as the outer environment, the differing roles and occasions the person undertakes when working towards achieving the image goal.

Why Image Management?

Millions of successful people in different spheres of life – corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, other professionals, High Networth Individuals (HNI), socialites, housewives, celebrity wives and many more recognize that the right image makes people attribute confidence, superior ability and other positive elements to them. It opens doors, giving them access to decision makers, greater success in hiring and salary levels, allowing them to lead satisfied personal, professional and social lives. Hence, rather than leave it to chance, they make a conscious effort to project the right image.

The way you look directly affects, the way you think, the way you feel, the way you speak, the way you act or behave, and then the way others react or respond to you – Judith Rasband

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