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Corporate Training

Faced with competitive industries and highly demanding customers, companies are taking concrete steps to enhance employee image since it forms a strong component of the corporate image. With the cost of acquiring new customers being many times the cost of retaining current customers, image management is playing a strong role in enhancing revenues.

From entry level trainees to managers and senior executives, it is the image they project and the resultant confidence, trust and credibility they build in customers and other stakeholders that strengthen the organization.

Many corporations seek the services of our systematically-trained image consultants on retainer or assignment basis to build positive customer perception, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and retention.

What do ICBI-Trained Image Consultants Offer?

Employee Image Audit – ICBI-trained image consultants conduct employee image audit with stakeholders like customers, partners and the employees themselves, providing you with a clear picture of the current image.

Client Need Analysis – The image consultants study your work environment and the customer-facing environment. Coupled with the Employee Image Audit, they analyze the areas of employee image that require correction, providing recommendations based on the observations.

Employee Dress Code – Employee dress code is a projection of the organization’s image. In fact, research shows that office dress code has a positive impact on productivity.

Whether it is power dressing, casual tailored formals or casual attire, ICBI-trained consultants carry the knowledge of attire that suits different industries from banking to manufacturing to service industries or departments. Their services include creating the company uniform or drawing up the corporate dress code for employees, including the Friday casual dress code.

The consultants also offer training programs for employees, regarding the rules of your company or industry attire. These training programs can be offered at different levels of the corporate hierarchy – entry level that is, trainees, management cadre, senior level executives, employees traveling to international locations, sales and service executives as well as front office executives. They also provide individualized services required at the senior levels.

Event Dress Code – ICBI-trained Consultants offer their consulting services towards internal or external conference and event dress code which creates greater recall value and lasting impressions of the event, resulting in higher returns for the marketing rupee spent.

Grooming – The consultants also offer training in grooming either in the form of on-site or off-site group and individual coaching.

Body Language & Etiquette – On-site training from consultants supports internal HR programs, imparting business etiquette to customer-facing employees with exposure to domestic or international situations as well as for back-office employees.

Vocal Communication – ICBI-trained image consultants offer training in vocal communication for front-office staff, streamlining this critical service factor.


See a presentation below to know more about the program
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You can also download the module details which will help you understand and decide the modules that you may want the employees of your organization to get trained on. Download Module Snapshot

Who Seeks Them

  • Corporations from all industries
  • Public-facing, high profile industries and companies
  • Service industries like retail, hospitality, healthcare, airlines
  • Human resource, recruitment and training companies
  • Public relations and media companies
  • Consultancy firms
  • Personal trainers
  • Finance companies
  • IT companies
  • And many more

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