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Who can become an Image Consultant?

Anyone can become an Image Consultant after the required training in the science and art of Image Consulting. An expert Image Consultant carries knowledge far beyond any single domain like fashion, clothing, makeup, hair styling, grooming, jewellery or weight counseling. While their knowledge encompasses all these and many more aspects that are an integral part of image management, they also carry knowledge of the industry, roles, hierarchy and the social environment in which clients function.

Who is an Image Consultant?

An Image Consultant is a professional who works with clients as a counselor or coach to evaluate, improve, enhance, update and upgrade their self-presentation — the way in which they present themselves in personal, social and professional situations.

The consultant specializes in counseling individuals and corporate clients on the 4 elements – clothing, grooming, body language and etiquette and vocal communication.

ICBI-trained Image Consultants create the desired client image through a process-driven framework that incorporates aspects unique to each client. The key features that mark them as experts are Knowledge, Practice and Counsel.


Expert image management consultants combine two areas of knowledge which are critical in assessing client requirements, implementing the plan and offering counsel:

  • Technical Knowledge – They carry in-depth knowledge of clothing, etiquette and body language, grooming, vocal communication, including the multiple aspects that these elements involve. They are experts in strategic dressing and strategic shopping to enhance the client’s image in personal, social and professional roles.
  • Client’s Domain Knowledge – They have a deep understanding of the professional roles that potential clients perform, by the client industry (lawyer, financial advisor, marketing consultant and more), type of role (executive & administrative, sales & service, creative & communications, physical labour), level of hierarchy (trainee, manager, senior management), social environment of the client and the various personal roles that the client undertakes on different occasions.


In practice, expert Image Consultants follow a 2-step approach to deliver personalized solutions to each client:

  • They observe and interview individual clients to learn their physical attributes, personality, lifestyle, personal style, preferences and image goals in addition to nuances in the client’s environment.
  • They evaluate the client’s wardrobe before creating a plan of action that results in consistency and complete harmony in appearance, in addition to planning the course of action for enhanced grooming, body language & etiquette and vocal communication.


Their in-depth knowledge and adherence to a process-driven framework to assess, plan and execute the desired image makes Image Consultants the trusted counsel that clients turn to for Image Management advice. Image Consultants counsel individual, group or corporate clients through individual consultations, presentations, workshops and seminars.

Who can Become an Image Consultant

At ICBI, we believe that anyone can become an Image Consultant, although cabin crew, hospitality professionals, trainers, counsellors, psychologists, recruitment managers, public relations managers, beauty therapists, and fashion designers carry an advantage. Further, people with exposure to and with a good understanding of some of the image elements due to their background, travel and networking with people at different levels have a head start. But these are not essential criteria to becoming an Image Consultant.
People with the Interest and Readiness in the key areas of Image Management Consulting have great potential to becoming Image Consultants. This requires the desire to help people change their lives for the better and the willingness to undertake the right education, training and mentoring which ICBI offers.

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