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Featured Consultant- Kalyani Kamble

 “Not all those who wander are lost”

Image-NL-Nov2014-12Kalyani is the mind, heart and motivation behind IMAGE IMPETUS.  She has charismatic zestful approach towards building, enhancing or transforming your image.

With an MBA in Human Resources and a decade of training experience, she was pretty much set in what she was doing. However, she was always aware that something was missing, that something had to change. The inclination to observe people around her, to see obvious potentials in individuals and they not even being aware of it, let alone using it optimally sent her into an upward spiral. Just around the time, she was introduced to a little something called Image consulting and its sheer concept had her hooked. It suddenly had her browsing through all the information available over the net, reading books and talking to people about it. She took time out from her already busy schedules to know more and the effort made her more and more enthusiastic instead of tiring her. In those moments, she knew she had struck gold.

Kalyani knew Image Consulting was something she was naturally inclined towards and so, she started taking up various courses to get better. As it stands today, she has been trained and certified under various models of counseling – like Roberts Carkoffs, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and Emotional Intelligence. In addition, she is also a certified NLP practicioner and has had the opportunity to conduct trainings for various corporate sectors. As it is said, it is never about the destination, but the journey. Kalyani has been introduced to hoardes of individuals and gotten the chance to interact with them on levels that she couldn’t have imagined. To sit with them and hear them talk about their anxieties and fears, to feel their nervousness about the way they looked, to see the obvious lack of self-confidence has inspired her on various levels.

She  expertises in Image Inside Out Transformation in which she incorporates behavioral techniques to have you self motivated and approach life with zest.

She has  8 years experience in Training and Development, She has trained for companies like Citigroup, Hafelle, Whistling Woods, NSDL, SBI life, New India Assurance to name a few. She has trained for various schools like Prime Academy, Bombay Cambridge, and Tridha. She specializes in communication of Teachers with students. She has conducted several workshops in NLP and does personal breakthrough training getting rid of fears and past blockages and move towards more functional and fulfilling living.  She has done a television serial on bodylanguage on CARE TV which appears every day at 9 50 pm. She conducts workshops on Image Mangment, Public Speaking, Transactional Analysis for effective communication for Teachers, and NLP for personal excellence.

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