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Bhanu Kathuria – Molto Bello

Born into a family that was into beauty business Bhanu’s flair for external presentation, personality and appropriate clothing came naturally since a young age.  Her mother ran a modest beauty parlor where she would observe clients from various backgrounds come and go for a makeover.

Growing up as a second generation immigrant from north India in a( then)  relatively conservative south Indian city of Bangalore in the 1990’s had is advantages and disadvantages. Since the latter half of 1990’s Bangalore saw a boom as the silicon valley of India and loomed into a cosmopolitan hub bursting at its seams with all kinds of possibilities. It is in these times when Bhanu graduated from college and started to work to earn her livelihood.

As someone who had a flair for interacting with people, entertaining and putting up shows, Bhanu dabbled with being an MC for college events, later trained fresh engineering graduates starting off their careers at the Infosys training institute in Mysore on soft skills, conducted corporate events and eventually found her calling in doing personalized image coaching to senior level executives in the corporate world.

Since this was her natural calling she decided to make it her profession by getting formally trained with the image consulting institute.

Her initial clients include a (rather voluptuous) Vice president of Human resources who needed help with her wardrobe and clothing style, A techie  geek who couldn’t figure out for himself that he needed to use a deodorant when travelling with his American clients who otherwise considered him a technical genius.

She has trained various people in the Middle management and senior management on various aspects like initiating dinner time conversations at a party, when to say thank you, sorry and pardon to colleagues and co-workers, how to use a fork and a knife and various other cultural nuances when dealing with people from different countries and cultures.

Bhanu uses holistic approach to image development and management, by which she recognizes her clients and determines their particular needs. She specializes in visual appearance, positive first impressions, custom color and body shape analysis, cosmetic makeovers, personal shopping.

Most importantly Bhanu believes that every client of hers is born with an inherent style and does not attempt to change that. All she does is to enhance the client’s personality by adding confidence and glamour to the inherent style and qualities that the person possesses.

As a trained image consultant Bhanu now offers the following packages which can be customized and tailored to your needs.

Read more about Bhanu’s Molto Bello at: www.moltobello.co.in

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