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Akanksha Agrawal – The Verve – Image Consulting

Akanksha Agrawal strongly believes that all individuals and organizations have the opportunity to develop confidence and charisma for growth. She always tells all her clients that when you realize and accept that you need assistance to initiate that charisma and verve for growth within yourselves, you have already taken the first step to success.

akanksha-agarwalAkanksha is a certified Image Consultant from the Image Consulting Business Institute. The program is structured by Judith Rasband, the first Certified Image Master in the world.

Prior to entering in this fulfilling career of an Image Consultant, Akanksha was a software engineer for seven years with Aon Hewitt, the world’s largest HR firm.  During these seven years stint, she received accolades for training in-house groups of employees. Her interaction with people from diverse walks of life combined with a keen interest in the way people present themselves, led her to believe that there is an urgent need for development in individuals, and that expedited through coaching, can assist people in achieving their goals and aspirations.

Her passion is to work with clients in achieving greater satisfaction in their lives through a solution oriented and thought transformational coaching. Akanksha works to establish self-confidence and instil a belief that ‘God made us, but personality defines us’ while ensuring successful, happier and fulfilled lives. The simple aim is to integrate the inner and outer persona of an individual, to achieve a well groomed and balanced personality.

Her evolution as an Image consultant gave her a chance to share the knowledge and experience that she has accrued over time. As an Image Consultant she provides group trainings to organizations, companies and institutes as well as individual consulting. Her views on business etiquette, dining etiquette and children grooming have been covered several times in reputed newspapers like Pune Mirror (subscription of Times of India) and other renowned magazines. Each of her workshops and trainings are highly customized to cater to the audience’s needs and assure a high value addition to the organization.

Akanksha’s interests lie in varied subjects ranging from reading, cooking, styling, playing mother to a beautiful girl, to playing a doting wife to merchant navy man. The Verve is this cumulative journey to fulfil her and lead people onwards.

Her mantra is to develop that little quality called Attitude which makes a big difference.

Read more about Akanksha’s The Verve – Image Consulting at: www.theverve-imageconsulting.com

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