Learn the science. Master the Art of Image Management

Akshaya Kawle

Akshaya V KawleEach individual has their own model of the world. We have our own perceptions for every thing around us. And I always loved to learn and understand these models and perceptions. So Image Management was a natural choice.

A graduate of Political Science, with Management degree in Human Resources, I wanted to go beyond the 9 to 5 framework and explore maximum people. After 3 years of freelancing as a Soft Skills Trainer, becoming an Image Consultant was a gradual progression for me.

From holding an LL.B degree, to becoming an NLP Practitioner, for me everything is about being aware of people’s perceptions and Image Management. It has been the most enriching experience so far working with companies and individuals create the right image, and experimenting with my own perceptions. I thank ICBI for changing my life, and help others fall in love with themselves ~ all over again.

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