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Ritu Punjabi

Ritu PunjabiAs the founder of TenueR, an Image Management company, the one adage I live by is ‘You are your image.’ I believe that if you respect yourself, your image portrays this and others respect you too.

With a background in commerce and a graduation in Fashion Design, I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I continued with my Master’s degree in Commerce, but still knew that I need an added edge to my fashion design career and that my MCom wouldn’t be it. I took up Image Management and have now found that added edge.

 I have found mentors in Mr. and Mrs. Agarwal  and the quality training at ICBI and the brilliant guidance of all the trainers has been instrumental in changing my outlook towards life, making me more open to meeting new people and facing challenges head on, and of course being positive and rising to greater heights.

As a fashion designer, most of my clients were people who expected outfits to be designed for them based solely on fashion trends. I, however, always looked at designing with the perspective of it reflecting your personality, in complete harmony with your figure variation and occasion. Image Consulting has made it easier for me to put across this thought process to my clients.

My brand, TenueR, has kept me close to my love for weddings , having always designed outfits for brides, I now take it up in the form of bridal image consulting. I also consult corporates on modules related to image as well as non-image, putting my soft skills certification to good use.

When they say there is always scope for improvement, they mean it for your image too. ICBI taught me everything I know and I’m spreading the same with TenueR.

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