Learn the science. Master the Art of Image Management

Bala Subramanian

bala1I have 18 years of experience, working in middle management in the IT industry, sitting in front of a computer for long hours. Steve Jobs once famously said “Stay hungry, Stay foolish”. I was very hungry; I wanted to do something different from my routine job. I had been looking for some good entrepreneurial opportunities which did not involve computers. I craved becoming an entrepreneur, preferably a trainer or consultant, where there is minimal need for IT work. Due to a lack of confidence, I kept hesitating when thinking of quitting my job.

Around the same time, I saw an advert in The Times of India on courses in Image Management with lifelong business support. This gave me the confidence to quit my job to finally pursue my entrepreneurial journey. I joined ICBI to become an Image Consultant, along with NLP to become a NLP master practitioner.

Now I am an entrepreneur, conducting innovative training sessions involving Image Management concepts and NLP for corporate. I use both of these whilst doing business consulting as well, since projecting a good Image is essential for a business and for businessmen to succeed.

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