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Juthika Dcruz

jutika DcruzEveryone is Beautiful , in their own way ..

I chose to be a professional Image Consultant because I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Outer Image can be enhanced by highlighting your positive physical attributes. Similary Inner Image is all about acquiring a beautiful mind-set. Thus a positive self image is a sure shot elixir for a happy life. One just needs a little guidance on how to see the brighter side of things.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I  have been lucky to have worked in a cross section of corporate departments. Beginning my career as a Personnel Assistant in a courier company, I weaved my way through the coprporate heirarchy to rise to the level of Branch Manager. As such I have had firsthand experience in the fields of Admin, HR, Operations , Marketing , Banking , Logistics and Management. At every stage , I could not ignore the importance of  personal appearances and attitudes. My dedication and hard work paid off when the Mumbai branch I was managing got the “Best Branch Award”. However my career had to take a back seat as my domestic responsibilities increased. But not for long. Destiny came knocking again and the need to put an end to everything that was perceived as ‘unattractive’ became my calling. And what better way to do that than through a holistic approach through Image Management ?

Its been an amazing journey with ICBI and my maiden venture White Canvas Iamge Management. Our mentors at ICBI, Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Suman Agarwal along with our star Master Trainer Mr. Shyam Kumar have been a source of constant inspiration. Enriching my own life and extending my learnings from them to everyone, through workshops and individual consultations, is an incredible feeling. Nothing can be more satisfying than seeing a client looking “oh so happy and beautiful/handsome – Inside – Out ’’.

I have recently had the privilege of being invited to Parul Institute of Business Admnistration, Vadodara.  There I got an opportunity to introduce Image Management to young BBA aspirants . The presentation was highly appreciated by the trustees, faculty, students and also the parents who were present at the event. I am passionate about working with young adults as I feel that they are at an age where they need to be steered into the right path. They need to be handled with sensitivity as well as with a realistic approach. I have also had the good fortune of sharing my knowledge on Image Mangement with a wide variety of audience from schools, colleges, corporates, ladies clubs, professional associations , salons and gymnasiums.

For me Image Management is all about painting your personal canvas with colors that eventually spell ‘YOU’.

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