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Ragini Mudaliar

ragini I have previously worked in the hospitality Industry and with real estate developers in India and abroad. This experience in the corporate world helped me understand people very well and connect with them. As a professional Image Consultant, trained and certified by ICBI, the gateways to opportunities and success started opening one after another. I am passionate about helping people become successful and hence this journey thus far has been very enjoyable.

I must congratulate the ICBI team for their vision to bring a high International standard of Image Consulting to India. My training with ICBI was of a very high quality and this complimented my talent, experience, dedication and skills.

Within a few days of getting certified, I had the privilege of training the cabin crew for a leading Airline company on grooming, appearance management and etiquette. This was a fantastic experience.

I have also recently been given the honour of being named the ‘Director – Public Image’ for the Rotary International Club of Pune.

I have also conducted individual consulting for several senior executives, Company directors and Doctors. I have helped them project an Image which is appropriate to their roles and goals.

I believe that by conducting these trainings and sessions in an exemplary manner, I have built a great rapport with my clients, leading to a very satisfying experience for both me and the client. My association with ICBI has been amazing!

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