Learn the science. Master the Art of Image Management

Rachita A Chauhan

Rachita A Chauha-“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are”. Echoing this quote, I have always endeavoured to better my best. In this journey, I have donned many hats- a psychology major,an etiquette consultant, a voice and accent trainer along with tapping performance arts as an actress. Image management came to me as a link between all my skill sets,linking them up into an entrepreneurial venture. My course with ICBI helped me refine the nuances of life skill learning while providing timely guidance in its application. 

Today, as I build on the factors of personal branding solutions emphasizing on business attire, body language and grooming, I can proclaim the fact- a snapshot of a first impression goes a long way into making one’s life into an award winning movie. Be it. Live it. Inspire.

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