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Ruchi Suneja

Ruchi Suneja-Ruchi Suneja

A computer science graduate and software engineer with over 8 years of experience in the IT sector, I left my job after marriage to be a homemaker. I was always looking for options to do something of my own. I didn’t want a monotonous office schedule. Two years ago, I came across an article titled “Image Management – A new career opportunity for women”. This made me inquisitive about Image Consulting and I started following ICBI’s articles on the internet and in daily newspapers. When my son started going to kindergarten, I decided to pursue a career as an entrepreneur and an Image Consultant. I decided to change myself first and then the world around me.

I believe in the mantra “Be Like Look Like”. If you want to be like someone, then you have to start by looking and behaving like that person. This can work wonders for people by improving their self-esteem and help them achieve their goals.
Thanks to the vibrant Image Management industry I have been empowered with the skills to present myself as per my roles and goals in my life, so as to create a lasting first impression. My family, friends and colleagues have observed a vast degree of change in me. I am approaching the end of my program with ICBI, after which I will be a proud Image Consultant. I want to promote the Image Management industry, spreading awareness about it’s significance. I feel very proud to be part of the Image Management Industry and what it stands for; spreading awareness to people about the way they communicate through their appearance, body language and etiquette.

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  1. Ruchi Suneja /

    Thank you ICBI & its entire team for recognizing my efforts and making me what I am today.

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