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Neomi Meyn – The Exclusive Stylonomist

neomiBeginning my professional life at a very early age I’ve had the opportunity to experience various fields, including years in the IT industry and the best years of my professional life doing what I love the most-Corporate Trainings.

After diving into Image Management, getting trained and accredited from ICBI under the robust and most credible curriculum of Judith Rasband – a Certified Image Master and Director of Conselle Institute of Image Management; I’m amazed at how quickly we consciously or unconsciously analyse one another solely by appearances. What fascinates me more is the Language of Image and the fact that our Appearance undoubtedly speaks!

I am convinced there is a way, a path; which when followed could lead in revealing the maxim potential of You. For each one of us is unique, and every one of us has been marvellously and wonderfully created. In our differences, lie our style and strengths!

Read more about Neomi’s The Exclusivesty Lonomist at : www.theexclusivestylonomist.com

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