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Nitesh Sherchan – Image About You

I am a certified Image Consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute, Bangalore India. I believed being Certified Consultant really helps me to make a difference in people’s life. I believed and assured to achieve a lot in this field, and make changes to all sort of customers to achieve their dreams.

Image About You Company is dedicated to lead our customers with array of services. There are varieties of services to women, men, working professionals, home makers, even teenagers from all walks of life. Looking good is important to people in any age around the world. The service comprises Lifestyle Evaluation, Fit & Fashion, Colour Evaluation, Personal Style Evaluation, Wardrobe Evaluation & Cluster Planning, and Grooming & Personal hygiene, Make-up (For women clients), Etiquette, Aware of Body Language and Personal Shopping Services.

“An image Management & Appearance service helps you to develop image, to make a first impression great. We help you to show the world you really are, or convey the image you want to world to see – anyone who is interested in establishing or promoting an image for themselves or business. All it takes is a single phone calls and emails.

Image About You is a flourishing business. Our services are of the highest standard. You can experience the service at your doorstep. We counsel individuals and corporate clients on appearance, behaviour and communication skills through individual consultations and coaching. We deliver the counselling to our clients with home appointments. Whether it is at your office, home, or anywhere, we can create, plan, coordinate, and maintain your personalized space so that you are perfectly fit for any situation. The only service that you will get, we bring you image to life. We work on personal services; 1 on 1 and group and you will get full individual attention and guidance.

Imagine; you visit the fine store looking well-groomed and wearing your best suit dress. Observe how you are treated by the staff, and anyone who you encountered, in both situations. Our mission is to transform an individual into a very successful person and add more values to their lives. This is how we prepare and accomplish individual goals because we believe in the power of delivering great results and action.

Read more about Nitesh’s Image About You at: www.imageaboutyou.com

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