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Pooja Garg – Confidente Image Consulting Solutions

Pooja GargYou have 7 seconds to make your first Impression. Together, let’s make these 7 seconds count! We all possess certain skills and abilities however the people we meet, judge us by our clothing, grooming, body language and soft skills as well. Your appropriate Appearance, Behaviour and Communication (ABC of Image Management) can help you achieve your goals.

Confidente Image Consulting Solutions helps individuals and corporates develop a positive and professional image appropriate to their personal, social and work environment. All our Appearance recommendations and Soft skills trainings are personalized to your needs and delivered in a practical approach, to help you apply them in the most effective way. Our proven & customized solutions are available in the following formats One-on-One Individual consultations, Corporate trainings, and Open workshops.

Pooja Garg, the founder and director at Confidente image consulting solutions is a Certified Corporate Trainer (Scottish Qualifications Authority) and a Professional Image Consultant, trained from the Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA, in collaboration with Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI). She currently lives with her husband and two children in the garden city of Bangalore. With an MBA in marketing, an avid blogger, holder of the prestigious Governor’s Award, and extensive international experience she is living her dream of “Changing Lives” of people who want to be successful in all their endeavours, and want to appear Trustworthy, Competent and Confident to others.

Visit Confidente.in to know more about our solutions or click here to contact us. Take our 5 minute Image Quiz today at http://www.confidente.in/image-quiz.html and receive your free Image assessment report.

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