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Manisha Jain – Sea Changes

Manisha JainManisha Jain is the Founder, Director and the Lead Image Consultant at SeaChanges.

She mastered the art from ICBI (Image Consulting Business Institute, India) co-branded with Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and brings the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to her work as a Certified Image Consultant

Be human serve mankind- this thought is very close to her heart and reflects her true nature. Being an Image Consultant gives her the opportunity to serve her brethren

Manisha Jain is a qualified Image Consultant who has a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Her main strength lies in her ease of understanding people of all age groups in striking a chord with children, teenagers, adults and also the elderly.

In the quest of fulfilling the various roles in society, Manisha Jain is the right friend and confidant, to assist you as a Certified Image Consultant.

Why should you trust SeaChanges? Here’s why:

These are Manisha’s accomplishments over the years:

Since childhood always possessed leadership qualities

Elected President of SNDT College, Pune

Won the Beauty Queen Miss Personality Award in SNDT College which made the news in all major newspapers in Pune.

She represented SNDT Pune at an all India level Beauty Contest. Out of 35 participants, she stood 4th.

Be human serve mankind- thisthought is very close to her heart and reflects her true nature. Being an Image Consultant gives her the opportunity to serve her brethren.

Ability to connect easily with all age groups.

Passionately fond of teaching (has a teaching experience spanning 12 years).


  • Dress as per your Body Shape
  • Know your Face Shape, Hairstyles and Haircuts to suit your appearance
  • Styling your Clothes
  • Day and Evening Makeup
  • Basic Etiquettes
  • Know your Personal Self and Style
  • Confidence Building


  • Trained Employees of Cosmos Builders
  • Conducted Workshops for more than 400 children of Grade 10
  • Conducted Workshop in Thakur International School for Grade 9 and 10
  • Conducted Workshop in GES School (Goregaon) for Students of Grade 10
  • Conducted Table Manners Workshops
  • One on One Consulting With Individuals
  • Trained Employees of Avon Lifestyle Ltd
  • And Lots More……

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