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Asha Daniel – Imago Image Consulting

There is a phase in every woman’s life, where she chooses her family and social commitments over her own career. I call it: the forced sacrifice. I too, am no stranger to that phase post my 17 years of corporate experience in many multi-national organizations (Wipro, Arvato, Aviva etc.).

In the beginning it all seemed like a pleasant break from the so called ‘rat race’. I enjoyed taking care of my family, doing the household chores, learning a new hobby, etc. Then after a while of this, follows boredom, slashed confidence, high irratibility, tensions, etc. – yes, the list is long and I know this is the story of many of you out there. This is when you realize that you have so much more to offer gauging your own potentials.

I realized that this is the right time to pick myself up, dust myself off, to take another step forward and not to give up.

Image Consulting came as an answer to all the questions in my head.

Today, I am a proud Image Consultant running my own company. I now dedicate my time and efforts in helping every human and their organizational persona to evolve.

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