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Two Hour Free Workshop

Two hour free workshop on Power of Personal Appearance

As an individual living and working in a highly complex and competitive society, you must recognize and understand the impact of your appearance as it communicates first to you and then to others. What you wear and the way you look affects:

1. The way you think

2. The way you feel

3. They way you act or behave, and then

4. The way others react or respond to you

While it is important to like what you wear and how you look, it is more important to understand why or why not and specifically how this affects you, others, and your life and the achievement of your goals. It is important to project an appearance which is appropriate to your goals and roles, authentic to look the real you in terms of incorporating your personal style, attractive by dressing as per body shape and personal colours and it should be affordable to maintain the same. Although you carry a lot of skills, ability and experience but people you meet often judge you by what meets the eye.

Image Consulting Business Institute is conducting a two hour free workshop on The power of Personal Appearance.

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