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Kavita Nair : Image Perfect Consulting

Having spent my entire life as part of the armed forces fraternity, Image management was the natural choice for me. This field gave me a platform to exercise my strengths, some of them being my dressing skills, eye for detail, being a good communicator and impeccable grooming standards. This combined with my life’s experiences of being exposed to the best of etiquette, deportment, grooming and protocol led to the formation of ‘Perfect Image’

Perfect Image offers you the chance to achieve your personal and professional goals by building the perfect image, increasing credibility and boosting your confidence.
A person’s perception about you is formed in the first glance and influences the way he deals with you.And it is this first impression which should portray you at your very best.

It will be a great pleasure to help you achieve life’s goals by projecting the right image.
Looking forward to working with you,

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