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Monica Saral – Accentuate Image Consultancy

Accentuate Image Consultancy is a journey of self-exploration and developing positive body image. It is a chance to find out how beautiful each one really is and how this very beauty can be presented to the world in the best possible light, assuring personal and professional success.

Accentuate is the dream child of Monica Saral.
Herself an extremely stylish, well-dressed and confident woman, Monica has an army background that comes with a tag of travel and taste. After a childhood spent moving all over India, Monica pursued an MBA and got her first break in a Textile Mill. Here, for the first time Monica fell in love with texture, color and fabric and discovered the love of looking good.

This job gave her an amazing opportunity to travel across various buying houses in countries like Dubai, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Dhaka and other Asian giants.

That’s when it dawned on Monica that a childhood spent on dressing elegantly was more that just a past time. Monica discovered her genesis and began a devoted love affair with designing.

Throughout the years, nurturing her passion and honing her eyes for detail, Monica spent undivided attention to everything stylish. Never would anyone find Monica in disarray. In fact the compliments piled up.

Now with her boys all grown and independent Monica got rigorously trained at ICBI and has also received specialized training in London on Dinning Etiquette & Society Dress Code. She now is ready to help people discover the beauty in them.

That’s when Accentuate took shape.
Accentuate offers training in The Art of Table, Formal Dining Tutorials, Posture, poise and deportment. Dress codes in Society, Formal Language Delivery, Personal Presentation and last but not the least a Winning Image. Accentuate has stormed the world of Image Consultancy and is ready to bring forth its wealth of expertise to you.

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