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Judith Rasband, the first lady in Image Management

Judith Rasband, the first lady in Image Management. She came, she saw and she conquered.
Judith Rasband, the first lady in Image Management. She was in India just about a month ago to meet, greet and teach the students of the ICBI. She came, she saw and she conquered.
Her enthusiasm, effusiveness, vibrancy and energy can put many others half her age to shame. She spoke, nay she performed, and she taught some of her art of image management. In the hour when she took centre stage, she had everyone spellbound as she demonstrated as to how many interpretations could you do to a simple black skirt, a red dress, one pair of black trousers, a printed scarf/neckpiece etc: a whole of 10 pieces of clothing for a variety of over 15 looks starting from very informal to an extremely formal outfit and every stage in between.
Looking at the impact that Judith had with her demonstration of Image creation and management, I was reminded of how my journey to meet Judith was.
It was more than 2 years ago, and like many people, I was at crossroads. I have worked hard for the last many years in the airline business, with my last assignment as head of customer services and grooming besides placements for a large training company. While I wanted to do something worthwhile I did not just want to throw away everything that I had done earlier. Was there anything where I could use whatever I knew with something new to create a worthwhile new burst in my career and hence my life?
My search took me to Judith. Image Management seemed like the next big industry segment, and Judith was the master of this. In the US, where Image Management as an industry was established first, it was Judith’s outline of competencies which was used to certify image consultants. She is thus the Consultant of the Consultants. Her curriculum is basis much research – she has a psychology background and has been able to combine “people watching”, clothes, speech etc to create an art and science of image management. She has authored several books and is seen as the last port of call on what is the most appropriate image in any situation.
One cold winter day we met Judith for the first time. Judith practices what she preaches. One look at her and you can guess how any meeting with her would go. But there was no hiding her wealth of knowledge, her research oriented curriculum, her energy and her enthusiasm. And she was just as interested in getting Image Consulting to India in a big way.
Having interacted with her, I was convinced that image management is a requirement in India right now, and will grow soon both as a career/ profession as well as an industry segment. I could not wait to bring this to India. I could not wait to get Judith to India.
And we have done both – started this business institute based on Judith’s curriculum, as well as gotten Judith to India. She travelled all over the country for over a week, an average of one city a day – a gruelling feat for anyone. And her enthusiasm never flagged.
The students and consultants all were enthralled by her and the few who have opted for a week’s training by her in USA were looked on with envy.
And as I bid her goodbye at the Mumbai airport, I thought: Judith Rasband is indeed the first lady in image management. She came. She saw. She conquered.


  1. Marilyn Venkatesh /

    My thoughts exactly, coz I hav run various businesses, the latest being a boutique, in which I had groomed women of all ages into the art of dressing, was associated with various college students, socialites, airline executives, housewives, brides and even the little women of our world from far and near. Totally agree on the necessity for the perfect image at all times and would love to be a part of the grooming.

  2. Dilpreet Sukarchakia Banerjea /

    Have been a trainer of Business & Social Etiquette and Grooming for over a decade. Would be happy to be part of First Impression Consulting and run your programmes on ‘Future Adult ‘, ‘Job Ready ‘, ‘Marriage Ready’ and ‘Super Housewives’.Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and regards.

  3. Koushal Swami /

    Thanks for sharing such a nice topic on Image Management, really helpful for me.

  4. Raghavinder /

    why only women why cant Men feel & do the same. I have been working on the same subject within my coffers for 40 years & I would appreciate Judith & Rakesh for the same.
    So their could be NO bar for LASTING IMPRESSION.

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