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23rd April, 2011-‘Image Advantage’ at Conselle’s Learning Centre

Excerpts of the International Segment- from Nicola’s Diary

Snow clad mountains in Utah

The lovely Utah mountains

The Cherry Blossoms

Judith taking us to her Learning Centre in Provo

9:30am Normally a class with Judith would begin at sharp 8:30am but we were the chosen few so special privilege to start at 9:30am. It was our first sight of the snow clad mountains and they were magnificent. No matter which direction you peeked from, they were there…. towering, daunting, after a while I realised I was holding my breath.

We reach the Conselle’s Learning Centre in Judith’s SUV. Once inside we are taken around to each room, including the kitchen where we would be fending for ourselves from time to time. As we went from room to room, it was difficult not to notice the racks and racks and racks of clothes. We were told that she had a lot; even Judith on her trip to India had mentioned that we would get 400 pieces to work with but this was nothing like we could have ever imagined. Rows and rows of clothing pieces arranged as per the Style Scale with hangars all facing a single direction. Some even had co-ordinated shoes placed just below them. It was then that it dawned on us that only passion and passion alone can give birth to a Judith Rasband as we know her. She could take you through Style Scale at mid-night and think nothing of it. She could walk out of a flight at 5:45am and think your hair would look wonderful in a French roll as it would allow people a clear view of your well defined features…. we would be amazed because all we could think of at that hour was either a cup of chai or some toothpaste. Amazing persona even at 72, she matched our pace at most times, leaving us a stride or two behind at others.

At the Learning Centre with Judith

At the Learning Centre - ready for some serious fashion styling

Coming back to our schedule, we are led into a classroom with 5 tables. Each had on it, a well labelled accordion folder, a blue file with our names printed on it and two little goodie bags. The accordion folder was a treasure you want to carry back in your hand luggage but more on that later. Of the goodie bags, one was an Easter bag which was in lieu of the next day. Very thoughtfully put together, these bags had lots of useful stuff from travel toilet seat covers to dental floss to mint to body creams and even an Easter bunny.

11:00am We are then invited into the conference room for a Corporate Seminar Presentation on Image Advantage (recall the accordion folder). Each page of ‘Image Advantage’ was a seminar by itself. An absolutely priceless tool.


Mexican Food at Los Hermanos

Lunch At a Mexican place called Los Hermanos. Good food, taste closer to home and the heart Also we got compliments for our amazing accents by the chirpy 20 something waitress.

2:30pm Corporate seminar continues. This was a seminar on not so much as ‘what to say & do’ as it was on ‘how to say and do’. We were getting lessons on taking seminars by the guru herself. What bliss!

5:00pm Our first lesson close to Fashion Styling…. It was closet organisation. Another rack of clothes appear but this time another closet is also opened up and out come boxes and boxes of the most amazing pairs of shoes. Some brand new, others I heard later, went back 30 – 35 years. We were floored.

Dinner At Zuppas. We kept it light with soups and salads and headed straight back to our rooms for some shut eye. Exhausting day!.. phew